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A premier resource for piano students, their teachers and parents. An ever expanding library of material to support and encourage musical development.

Everything you need to excel and thrive.


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Thank you so much! Such a great tutorial. I love the piece but was struggling with some elements. This was really helpful.




Detailed multi-video lessons, supplemented by written notes and downloadable resources, guide you step-by-step through the learning process.

  • warm-ups

  • creative ideas

  • hands separately

  • performance and steady walk-through

  • rhythm, articualtion, dynamics, fingering, phrasing, pedalling, ornamentation

  • analysis & related music theory

Additional downloadable resources may include:

  • pdf of the sheet music

  • backing tracks

Follow-up support

We can discuss details through the Comments sections at the foot of every lesson.

Courses are arranged by grade and by exam board covering ABRSM and Trinity piano exams. They can be viewed again and again ...and accessed day and night! 


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Thank you Julian for a great pedal lesson, for some reason with you it made sense.

Judy M.





Who are these courses for?

They are ideal for self-learners looking for a teacher's detailed view to offer guidance on what and how to practise, to problem-solve and analyse the music.

They are also suitable for those with a 1:1 teacher but looking for supplementary material to support their current study. Especially helpful during holidays.

Also for piano teachers looking to expand their resources and ideas-base.

Can I listen to the pieces before I enroll?

Yes. Every course includes a performance which you can preview.


I'd like to be able to ask questions along the way, is that possible?

Yes. Every lesson has a Comments section. I receive a notification and will respond as soon as possible. 

A piece I'd like to study hasn't yet been covered, can I request one?

Certainly. Jot a line to:


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The courses I have looked at so far are excellent. It's clear that a lot of thought has gone into them, the teaching is very accessible and it's all easy to understand.
Congratulations on a first class product



Online Music Lessons

Stay in the comfort of your own home, play on your own piano or write at your own desk and wherever you are in the world, the chances are we'll find a suitable time for us both!

Lesson for adults and children with Ollie.

Piano & Singing

Music Theory

Composition & Arranging

Aural & Musicianship

Music Technology & Production


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If you've had good value from this website or from the material on YouTube, you may like to consider donating, perhaps a donation through Ko-fi below. Ko-fi doesn't take a cut. All of your gift supports the continued creation of these educational piano materials, the vast majority of which are, and always will be, free for everyone, wherever they are in the world and whatever their circumstances may be. Thank you.


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