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ABRSM 2020 & 2021
Tutorials, backing tracks
Scales & Arpeggios
Trinity 2021 - 2023
Tutorials, backing tracks
Scales & Arpeggios
ABRSM 2019 & 2020
Tutorials, backing tracks
Trinity 2018-2020
Tutorials, musical knowledge, backing tracks


Online Piano & Theory Lessons

For many people looking for piano or theory tuition, online lessons are the perfect solution. There's no need to travel, you stay in the comfort of your own home, play on your own piano or write at your own desk and wherever you are in the world, the chances are we'll find a suitable time for us both!

Everybody learns differently, with different interests and goals. Some will like a relaxed approach, using lessons for me to drop-in on their playing, but left free to progress very much at their own pace. Others will want me to set clear targets and keep you (and me!) accountable for your progress - both are perfectly possible. 

You may want to sit music exams. The exam structure can provide useful milestones for the journey, but they aren't a complete piano syllabus, nor should the certificates be the end goal, but rather a by-product of improving skills and knowledge.  There is no compulsion to sit exams.

Online piano lessons are available to Patrons ...and anyone in their household.

£39 per hour, so:
30-minute lesson = £19.50
40-minute lesson = £26
50-minute lesson = £32.50


You could spend a bit of money (!) on large screens (for you to see), webcams (for me to see), microphones and lightening ...but you don't have to!

All you need is:

  1. A good internet connection.

  2. A device with a webcam (computer, laptop, tablet or smartphone).

  3. A pencil!

I'll send more details on how to set up at home when you get in contact.


Whether young or old, starting out or returning to the piano, please get in touch if you'd like to discuss this further.




Patreon is a membership platform giving you the opportunity to support this website through a monthly subscription. All donations are gratefully received but there are various tiers, each with their own benefits. 

How does it work?

Visit my Patreon page to subscribe. Also, log in to this website. I will then activate your membership on this site, and send a confirmatory email.  That's it; you will then be able to access all the supplementary tutorial material here (and on Patreon). Any questions,  just send me an email.


  • The $5 tier gives access to the supplementary tutorial material. This will be an in-depth tutorial video; a walk-through the piece with commentary. The discussion  may include:

    • breakdown of the tricky bits

    • practice suggestions

    • analysis

    • ornaments

    • performance at a slow tempo

    • ideas for improvisation

  • The $10 tier gives the opportunity to ask for performance or tutorial videos on pieces of your own choosing. As pianists, we surely have the most diverse and extensive repertoire of any instrument ...all waiting to be discovered!

  • The $20 tier gives you the opportunity to send a recording once a month for written feedback.

  • The $100 tier gives you the opportunity to send weekly recordings for detailed feedback which would be in the form of text, audio or video, covering interpretation, technique, suggestions for further study and tasks for the week ahead. In short, I'm your piano teacher!


Julian's piano database

There is now a library of over 500 videos with new material being added every week.  The piano database, available to $5 patrons and above,​ allows you to quickly and easily find what you want. As well as a straightforward 'search' (using ctrl + f or cmd + f), you will also be able to sort the database by column, ordering it for example by composer, title, or grade. You will find links to performance and tutorial videos, sheet music (where possible) as well as videos covering technique, theory, composition and improvisation.

The database is currently (May 2020) under construction. We have input some of the material and produced a short 'how it works' video. Give it a go and do let me know how you get on with it.



Sheet Music Shop

Quick and easy access to all the sheet music you may need for your exam. Affiliate links give me a little commission at no extra cost to you. Thank you!


Since 1 July 2020

ABRSM G2 (2021 & 2022) - Étude in A minor, A. Goedicke - A6 performance & tutorial

ABRSM G2 (2021 & 2022) - Rondino, J. Haydn - A7

ABRSM G2 (2021 & 2022) - Galop/Hopping, D. Kabalevsky - A8

ABRSM G2 (2021 & 2022) - Minuet in D, W. A. Mozart - A9 performance & tutorial

ABRSM G2 (2021 & 2022) - Bourlesq, L. Mozart (?) - A10

ABRSM G2 (2021 & 2022) - Sorrow, B. Bartók - B4 performance & tutorial

ABRSM G2 (2021 & 2022) - Farewell, A. Gretchaninov - B5 performance & tutorial

ABRSM G2 (2021 & 2022) - Raindrop Reflections, H. Hammond - B6 

ABRSM G2 (2021 & 2022) - Pavane de la belle au bois dormant, M. Ravel - B7

ABRSM G2 (2021 & 2022) - Sweet Pea, N. Iles - C8

Trinity G3 (2018-2020) - Tango Prelude II, SCHMITZ, M. - MIDI file

Since 1 June 2020

ABRSM Grade 3

  • Wouldn't it be Loverly, LOEWE, F - performance & tutorial

  • Hallelujah, COHEN, L - performance & tutorial

ABRSM Grade 5

  • Aria, HANDEL, G. F.  - tutorial

  • Lentamente, PROKOFIEV, S. - tutorial

Since 1 May 2020


7th Pyotr Tchaikovsky - Playlist

15th Stephen Heller - Playlist

ABRSM Grade 2

  • Arietta, CLEMENTI, M. 

Trinity Grade 7

  • How bleak the Sea tonight, TANNER, M. - performance & tutorial


Since 1 April 2020


2nd Catherine Rollin - Museum Masterpieces Playlist

  • Russian National Anthem, ALEXANDROV arr.JL

  • The Flagstones of Helsinki, TANNER

ABRSM Grade 6

  • Fugue in G, BWV 902, BACH - analysis

  • Prelude in B minor, CHOPIN tutorial

  • Sérénade sur l'eau, IBERT tutorial bars 12-14

ABRSM Grade 7​

  • Rosemary's Waltz, BENNETT (tutorial)


Since 1 March 2020


13th Ben Crosland - View from a window

22nd Max Richter - From the Rue Vilin

ABRSM Grade 4

  • Grandmama Tells a Ghost Story, KULLAK (new recording)

ABRSM Grade 6

  • Sérénade sur l'eau, IBERT (tutorial)


  • All 9 Pieces

  • Technical Work: 6 Exercises, Scales & Triads

  • Let's PRACTISE Aural - Trinity Initial

TRINITY Grade 1​

  • Let's PRACTISE Aural - Grade 1

TRINITY Grade 2​

  • Scales & Arpeggios fingering sheet

TRINITY Grade 5​

  • Cavalryman, KABALEVSKY


  • Giga, JONES (tutorial)

Since 1 February 2020

ABRSM Grade 2:

  • C3, Petite valse, CHAPPLE (tutorial)

ABRSM Grade 5:​

  • A3, Minuetto, LOEILLET (tutorial)

TRINITY Grade 3:

  • Dance of the Gypsies, MIER

TRINITY Grade 5:​

  • Pop Looks Bach, FONTEYN (performance & musical knowledge)

TRINITY Grade 7:

  • La Chapelle, ROCHEROLLE


28 Feb - André Previn RIP

Since 1 January 2020

ABRSM Gds 1-3

  • Let's THINK about Grade 1 Aural (ABRSM)

  • Let's THINK about Grade 2 Aural (ABRSM)

  • Let's THINK about Grade 3 Aural (ABRSM)

  • Let's PRACTICE Grade 1 Aural (ABRSM)

  • Let's PRACTICE Grade 2 Aural (ABRSM)

  • Let's PRACTICE Grade 3 Aural (ABRSM)

ABRSM Grade 3:​

  • B3, Prelude, REINECKE (tutorial)

ABRSM Grade 5:​

  • A1, Aria, BACH (tutorial)

ABRSM Grade 6:​

  • A1, Andante, ARNE (tutorial)

Trinity Grade 4:​

  • Dreaming Lake, KIRCHNER (performance & tutorial)

Since 1 December 2019

I get requests:

  • Toreador Song, BIZET

  • Mazurka op. 63, no. 3, CHOPIN


Since 1 November 2019

I get requests:

  • La Pastorale, BURGMÜLLER

  • Air in D minor, PURCELL

  • Little Blue Peep and Little Boy Blue, GREAVES (+ backing track)

ABRSM Grade 5:

  • B2, Étude in a Minor, FARRENC (synthesia display, mp3 & MIDI files)

ABRSM Grade 7:

  • A1, Gigue, HANDEL

  • A2, Tempo di Minuetto, HAYDN

  • A3, Andante, MOZART

  • A5, Giga, BACH

  • B1, Passepied, DELIBES

  • B2, Lied ohne Worte, MENDELSSOHN

  • B3, Elizabeth, PARRY

Trinity Grade 4:

  • Andantino, ELGAR (musical knowledge)

Since 1 October 2019

ABRSM Grade 2:

  • B1, Arabesque, BURGMÜLLER (tutorial)

ABRSM Grade 3:

  • A1, Allegro, HOOK (tutorial)

  • Scales & Arpeggios

ABRSM Grade 4:

  • C4, Sleepytown Blues, CROSLAND (performance + backing track)

  • C5, Anatolian 08, DÉSORMIÈRES (backing track)

ABRSM Grade 6:

  • B1, Moderato, BRUCH

  • B2, Prelude in B minor, CHOPIN

  • B3, Scherzo in B-flat, SCHUBERT (see also Trinity  Grade 6)

ABRSM Grade 7:

  • B6, Prelude in B-flat, SCRIABIN

  • C1, Rosemary's Waltz, RODNEY BENNETT

  • C2, Ridicolosamente, PROKOFIEV (performance & tutorial)

Trinity Grade 4:

  • Allegretto, MOZART (tutorial & musical knowledge)

Trinity Grade 5:

  • All is Calm, ALEXANDER (musical knowledge)

  • Andante, HAYDN (musical knowledge)

Trinity Grade 6:

  • Allegro, TELEMANN (performance & tutorial)

  • Scherzo in B-flat, SCHUBERT (see also ABRSM Grade 6)

Since 1 September 2019

ABRSM Grade 3:

  • C3, Blues in the Attic, ILES (tutorial)

ABRSM Grade 5:

  • Scales & Arpeggios

ABRSM Grade 6:

  • A2, Fugue in G, BACH (tutorial)

Trinity Grade 4:

  • Andantino, ELGAR (tutorial)

Trinity Grade 6:

  • Sonatina in E-flat, BENDA (tutorial)

  • Weaving a Spell, RAMSKILL (tutorial)

Since 1 August 2019

ABRSM Grade 4:

  • B1, The Reef, CARROLL (tutorial)

  • C5, Anatolian 08, DÉSORMIÈRES

Trinity Grade 2:

  • The Ballerina, MOORE (tutorial)

Since 1 July 2019

ABRSM Grade 4:

  • B3, Chanson de Matin, ELGAR (tutorial)

ABRSM Grade 5:

  • A2, Andante in A, HAYDN (tutorial)

ABRSM Grade 6:

  • A1, Andante, ARNE

  • A2, Fugue in G, BACH

  • A3, Allegro, DUSSEK

  • A5, Sonata no. 17, CIMAROSA

  • C1, Tugela Rail, BRUBECK

  • C3, Un amanecer en Santa Marta, RUIZ

Trinity Grade 3:

  • Scales & Arpeggios

Trinity Grade 4:

  • Scales & Arpeggios

Trinity Grade 5:

  • Scales & Arpeggios

15 June - 1 July 2019

ABRSM Grade 6:

  • A4, Menuets 1 & 2, BACH

  • B4, Petites Litanies de Jésus, GROVLEZ

  • B6, Feuille d'automne no. 3, REBIKOV

  • C2, Sérénade sur l'eau, IBERT

  • C4, Eight Maids a-Milking, BENNETT

Trinity Initial:

  • All 9 Pieces, All 6 Exercises

Trinity Grade 4:

  • Barcarolle, BURGMÜLLER (podcast tutorial)

Trinity Grade 5:

  • All is Calm, ALEXANDER (podcast tutorial)

Trinity Grade 6:

  • All 9 Pieces, All 6 Exercises

  • Vals Sentimental, GRANADOS

  • Gymnopédie no. 3, SATIE


1 June - 15 June 2019

ABRSM Grade 2:

  • A4, Arietta in F, CLEMENTI

  • A6, Allegro, HAYDN

  • B5, Night Journey, GURLITT

ABRSM Grade 4:​

  • A5, Scherzo, DIABELLI

Trinity Grade 3:

  • Polonaise in G minor, BACH - tutorial

Trinity Grade 5:

  • There Sleeps Titania, ALWYN - tutorial

Trinity Grade 7:

  • Étude in A minor, SCHYTTE (performance & tutorial)

  • Aftermath, CHANLER

  • Kinderstücke no. 2, MENDELSSOHN (performance & tutorial)

  • Sarah, PETER-HORAS (performance & tutorial)

  • Visions fugitive no. 10, PROKOFIEV (performance & tutorial)


15 May - 1 June 2019

ABRSM Grade 2:

  • A5, Air in D minor, HANDEL

ABRSM Grade 3:

  • A3, Bransle de la Torche, PRAETORIUS - tutorial

  • A6, Minuet in F, MOZART

  • B1, Shadows, CARROLL - tutorial

ABRSM Grade 4:

  • A4, Minuet, J. S. BACH

Trinity Grade 7:

  • Allegro, EBERL

  • Allegro, HANDEL

  • Minuet, MOZART (performance & tutorial)

  • Moment musical no.6, SCHUBERT (performance & tutorial)

  • All 6 Exercises

  • Scales & Arpeggios


15 May 2019

Website first published covering Grades 1-5 for ABRSM and Trinity, all exam booklet repertoire, plus a small selection of alternative pieces and technical work.


What's new?


My Equipment

The videos are produced at home and the process has evolved over the years. Since May 2018 I have played a Casio GP500, which allows me to record a WAV file directly to a USB thumb drive. The overhead keyboard view is recorded on a smartphone (currently a Samsung A71) and the 'selfie' is filmed using a micro-four-thirds camera (Pansonic G7). For dialogue, the audio is captured with a Røde NTG4+ using a Zoom H5 as an audio interface.

If there is an illuminated keyboard display, which tends to be for the earlier grades, this is a screen capture of a Synthesia display. The video is produced with Final Cut Pro. I make use of various LED lights and stands.

If you'd like to know more, do get in touch.