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Hello and welcome,
I hope you'll find easy access to the piano videos you're looking for here, covering ABRSM, TrinityMTB and Canada's RCM.
There are lots of more detailed tutorial videos too, which you can access and commission by becoming a Patron.

I also teach online either face-to-face on weekday mornings or through video exchange. Details below.

Above all, enjoy your piano playing. I'd love to hear from you if you have any questions or suggestions.
Take care,


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Patreon is a membership platform giving you the opportunity to support this website through a monthly subscription. All donations are gratefully received but there are various tiers, each with their own benefits. 


This tier is for those preparing for ABRSM or Trinity piano exams. It gives access to all the exclusive tutorial videos (which supplement the free-to-access performance videos on YouTube). These can be accessed through the website or here on Patreon.



Like the previous tier, but you can also request tutorial videos on any exam piece up to Grade 5 (once a month). I aim to publish tutorials within a fortnight ...and you'll get a mention too!



As the previous tiers, but you can request tutorial videos on any piece, whether on an exam syllabus or not, up to Grade 7 (once a month). I am to publish tutorials within a fortnight ...and you'll get a mention too!



As with the previous tiers, but you also have the option to send a single video each month (up to 8 minutes long) for individual video feedback.



As the previous tiers, but you also have the option to send 2 videos of your playing each month (up to 12 minutes each) for individual video feedback.

$100 - ANGEL

This is for those able to generously support and encourage the channel. No more perks at this stage, though you are most welcome to make use of all the advantages of the previous tiers.  Thank you so much for considering this - we'll be in touch.

How does it work?

Visit my Patreon page to subscribe. Also, create an account on this website. On receipt of your Patreon subscription, I will authorise your account here so you'll have full access to all the tutorials. I'll send a short email to confirm.  That's it!
There is also a Patreon app which is really handy for when you want to use your mobile.

 If you have any questions, I'd be delighted to help, just email me.



Online Piano & Theory Lessons

For many people looking for piano or theory tuition, online lessons are the perfect solution. There's no need to travel, you stay in the comfort of your own home, play on your own piano or write at your own desk and wherever you are in the world, the chances are we'll find a suitable time for us both!

Everybody learns differently, with different interests and goals. Some will like a relaxed approach, using lessons for me to drop-in on their playing, but left free to progress very much at their own pace. Others will want me to set clear targets and keep you (and me!) accountable for your progress - both are perfectly possible. 

You may want to sit music exams. The exam structure can provide useful milestones for the journey, but they aren't a complete piano syllabus, nor should the certificates be the end goal, but rather a by-product of improving skills and knowledge.  There is no compulsion to sit exams.

30-minute lesson = £24
40-minute lesson = £32



You could spend a bit of money (!) on large screens (for you to see), webcams (for me to see), microphones and lighting ...but you don't have to!

All you need is:

  1. A good internet connection.

  2. A device with a webcam (computer, laptop, tablet or smartphone).

  3. A pencil!

I'll send more details on how to set up at home when you get in contact.


Whether young or old, starting out or returning to the piano, please get in touch if you'd like to discuss this further.



Behind the scenes

The videos are produced at home and the process has evolved over the years. Since May 2018 I have played a Casio GP-500, which allows me to record a WAV file directly to a USB thumb drive. The overhead keyboard view is recorded on a smartphone (currently a Samsung A71) and the 'selfie' is filmed using a micro-four-thirds camera (Pansonic G7). For dialogue, the audio is captured both with a Røde NTG4+ into a Zoom H5 and from the phone. A DJI Osmo Action is used for the close-up view along the length of the keyboard.

If there is an illuminated keyboard display, this is a screen capture of a Synthesia display. The video is produced with Final Cut Pro. I make use of various LED lights and stands.

If you'd like to know more, do get in touch.