ABRSM Grade 6 




The 18th-century English musician Thomas Arne composed eight keyboard sonatas that were first published in 1756.



This Prelude & Fugue, not part of The Well-Tempered Clavier, was probably written around 1720. That said, Bach revised this 3 voice fugue, attaching it to a new Prelude, as Prelude & Fugue in G (BWV 884) for inclusion in his second volume of The Well-Tempered Clavier.





This Allegro is the first movement of what was originally a sonata for flute and piano by the Czech musician Jan Dussek (1760-1812). Both a composer and pianist, much of his output is piano based (sonatas, concertos, and piano trios as well as sonatas for flute or violin and piano. He also wrote for the harp.





These two Minuets are from Partita no. 1 in B♭, BWV 825 (published in 1726). The Giga, the final movement is on the ABRSM Grade 7 syllabus.





I think this is no.17, but I haven't been able to look at the publication suggested by the ABRSM syllabus (Broekmans & Van Poppel), so do check if you are wanting to play this piece for the exam. I would hate to think you had learnt the wrong piece and that it was entirely my fault!





Scherzo means 'joke', so a light-hearted, bouncy piece which contrasts with the lyrical, smooth lines of the Trio.

Though composed when Schubert was 20, these two Scherzos were not published during his lifetime.

You may notice how I play incorrectly the dotted rhythm towards the start of the trio (bar 3) and I draw attention to this when I play through slowly. I was playing with my ears I'm afraid rather than my eyes, but I was pleased to see that in the edition on imslp.org, that is here available to download, it is published with equal quavers! Phew, that's clearly the version I am more familiar with!





Petites Litanies de Jésus is from L'Almanach aux image by the French musician Gabriel Grovlez.

L'Almanach aux images, a collection of 8 pieces which appeared in 1911, was composed after poems by Tristan Klingsor.

This beautiful lyrical piano piece demands really expressive playing with plenty of pedal. Worthwhile thinking through the fingering especially for those passages of parallel movement such as bb. 1 & 3. Note the use of the una corda pedal towards the end. We should also pay particular attention to voicing the upper melody line clearly.





This Feuille d'automne is no. 3 from the collection of 6 Feuilles d'automne, op. 29, by Vladimir Rebikov.

The video concludes with a transcription for string quartet.







Sérénade sur l'eau is from Petite suite en 15 images by the French composer Jacques Ibert, first published in 1944​.





Un amanecer en Santa Marta (Dawn in Santa Marta) is from Piezas para niños menores de 100 años, by the Venezuelan musician Federico Ruiz.

Piezas para niños menores de 100 años, a collection of 15 pieces for solo piano is published by Spartan Press.





Eight Maids a-milking is from Partridge Pie, Book 2.


All 9 Pieces



ARNE, T. A. - Andante

BACH, J. S. - Fugue in G

DUSSEK, J. - Allegro

BRUCH, M. - Moderato

CHOPIN, F. - Prelude in B minor

SCHUBERT, F. - Scherzo in B♭

BRUBECK, D. - Tugela Rail

IBERT, J. - Sérénade sur l'eau

RUIZ, F. - Un amanecer en Santa Marta