ABRSM 2021 & 2022 - Grade 5



La chevaleresque (Knight Errant) is from 25 Etudes, op.100.

The sheet music is on imslp.org.




This Presto is the second movement of Sonata no.6 in F major.




This Presto is the second movement of Sonata no.6 in F major.





Starry Dome is from 'Piano Meditation'.




A lyrical piece from Tchaikovsky's collection 'Album for the Young' op.39.

It may be helpful to think of the opening section being in three parts. A principal RH melody, a secondary melody in the bass that often moves in contrary-motion with the upper melody and a chordal accompaniment in the centre-ground.

As the title suggests it needs to evoke the atmosphere of a relaxing snooze. Soft dynamics and smooth legato lines. 



La huérfana is from Cuentos de la juventud, op.1




Popular amongst Stephen Heller's piano music are his collections of studies op.45, op. 46 & op.47, each group intended to as a precursor to the one before; so op.47 being the easiest.

For other Studies in the op.47 collection, click here.




Von fremden ... is from Kinderscenen, op.15.




Mister Trunpet Man is from New Orleans Jazz Styles.

For the backing tracks, click here.




Changing Times is from Cool Piano 5.

The Changing Times refers to the changing time-signatures (2/4, 3/4 and 4/4) and tempos.




This Tarantella is from Musique d'enfants, op.65.



'Elergy for the Arctic' is from 'Ludovico Einaudi: Extra Elements' (Chester).


I'm grateful to Weijia for introducing me to this wonderful piece that, as the title suggests, makes us stop and think. I wholeheartedly recommend this short video produced by Greenpeace of Einaudi's own performance ...whilst floating on a raft in the arctic, complete with cracking, tumbling ice.  I have a hunch it may have been improvised, or certainly created in situ, what do you think?