MTB Grade 4 (2020)

All 6 pieces




Burgmüller, Friedrich

Ballade, no.15 from 25 Progressive Studies, op.100

Clementi, Muzio

Rondo (extract), from Sonatina in G, op.36 no.5


Gade, Niels

Merry-go-round, from Christmas Pieces, op.36

Maikapar, Samuel

Chèz le forgeron, no.5 from Little Novelettes op.8

Schmoll, Anton

Saltarello, no.19 from Les étrennes du jeune pianiste, op.50

Mitchell, Chris

The Promise of Peace


Ballade - Friedrich Burgmüller




Ballad is no.15 from Burgmüller's much-played collection of 25 Progressive Studies, op.100 (1851).

The original metronome mark is a scarily quick 104bpm, though MTB suggests a more steady tempo of 72bpm.


Rondo - Muzio Clementi




This Rondo is part of the Rondo final movement of Sonatina in G op.36 no.5 by Muzio Clementi.

Merry-go-round - Niels Gade




Merry-go-round is from a collection of pieces, which includes a song, of Christmas Pieces, op.36 by Niels Gade.


Chèz le forgeron  - Samuel Maikapar




Chèz le forgeron (At the blacksmith's) is no.5 from Little Novelettes, op.8 by Samuel Maikapar.


Saltarello - Anton Schmoll


A Saltarello is a quick, jumpy dance in triple metre. This one is no.19 from a collection of 25 pieces, originally published as Les étrennes du jeune pianiste (Gifts for the young pianist), op.50 by Anton Schmoll.


The Promise of Peace - Chris Mitchell


Toccatina - Dmitri Kabalevsky



Toccatina is no.12 from 30 Children's Pieces, op.27 by Dmitri Kabalevsky.

Sorry, one of my older videos ...awaiting an update I think!


Sonatina - Dmitri Kabalevsky



Sonatina is no.18 from 30 Children's Pieces, op.27 by Dmitri Kabalevsky.