Grade 1


MTB (Music Teacher's Board) is a relative newcomer. Exams are recorded in video or audio and submitted through their app. So exams can be sat at home, when the candidate is ready with complete flexibility over the date. The list of pieces covers a broad range of styles and doesn't go out of date: new pieces may be added (bi-annually) but 'old' pieces remain as options.

The 6 booklet pieces




Arnold, Samuel

Giga, 3rd movement of Keyboard Lessons, op.12 no.2

Bartók, Béla

In Yugoslav Mode, from Mikrokosmos, Book 2

Duncombe, William

Fanfare Minuet, from Progressive Lessons for the Harpsichord

Oesten, Theodor

Das Echo, no.14 from May Flowers

Trad. English, arr. Mitchell, Chris

Country Gardens

Mitchell, Chris

Homework Blues


Giga - Samuel Arnold
3rd movement from Keyboard Lessons, op.12, no.2


In Yugoslav Mode - Béla Bartók
Mikrokosmos, Book 2


Fanfare Minuet - William Duncombe
Progressive Lessons for Harpsichord


Das Echo - Theodor Oesten
no.14 from Maiblümchen, op.61


Country Gardens - arr. Chris Mitchell
Trad. English


Homework Blues - Chris Mitchell