Level 2
rcm (from 2015)


The exam syllabus of Canada's, Royal Conservatory of Music is huge. Rather than change every few years, this one lasts for a decade or so, and even then many of the pieces will remain the same.  This gives teachers plenty of variety; no need to keep teaching the same few pieces, nor do they need to keep buying new exam books! So the RCM provides a fantastic resource for anyone, teacher or student looking for graded piano music. There are 10 levels, plus 2 preliminary levels and a diploma at the top. Broadly speaking the levels follow those in the UK, though perhaps +1/2, so ABRSM G2 = RCM Level 3.


If the music is in the public domain, I've given easy access to the sheet music which, in most cases, I will have found on www.imslp.org.

So here are some of the pieces. I hope you find what you're looking for, but if not and you're a subscriber, you may like to commission one?

List A

Hässler, Johann Wilhelm

Ecossaise in G, no.23 from Fifty pieces for beginners, op.38


List A

Mozart, Wolfgang Amadeus

Minuet in G, K.1e


List A

Purcell, Henry

Air in D minor, ZT.676


List B

Gretchaninov, Alexandr

Farewell, no.4 from Children's Album, op.98


List B

Schumann, Robert

Soldier's March, no.2 from Album for the Young, op.68


List B

Tchaikovsky, Pyotr Il'yich

The Sick Doll, no.7 from Album for the Young, op.39