Trinity Grade 1


Walking (and Talking)


This is a lively piece in C major with some jazzy elements: off-beat rhythms and occasional use of flattened 3rds (E♭) & 7ths (B♭).

It uses an ABA structure, moving to the subdominant (F major) for the central section (bars 9-16).

Our hands need to be able to work independently of each other (bars 1-2) as well as perfectly synchronised (bars 7-8).


Hand in Hand by Ben Crosland


Hand in Hand is from Get Set Jazz! Grades 0-2 (Spartan, 2009).

It uses a simple 12-bar blues chord progression.

Screenshot 2019-05-27 at 08.43.07.png


The LH plays a smooth, steady walking bass line using ascending chord tones which provides the accompaniment to the slightly syncopated RH melody. Tenuto signs, accents and slurs add extra interest to the RH line ...and keep us on our toes!


I'm Happy by Joyce Grill


I'm Happy is from Musical Scenes, 11 Late Elementary to Early Intermediate Character Pieces for Piano Solo, (Alfred).


Jodler by Uli Gruber


Jodler is from Play and Enjoy! For Young Pianists, 38 easy pieces with musical emphasis (Doblinger).


Mango Walk by Barbara Kirkby-Mason



This arrangement of the Jamaican children's song Mango Walk, first appeared in 1970 (OUP).

Things to think about:

  • Syncopated rhythm

Screenshot 2019-05-26 at 19.49.21.png

  • Sharing a single melodic line between the two hands (bars 1-8).

  • Playing in unison at the octave (bars 10-14).

  • Creating dynamic interest by starting piano but ending forte.

  • Notice how bars 5-8 copy bars 1-4.


Just for Starters by Mike Mower


Just for Starters is from 22 Treats for Piano (Itchy Fingers Publishing).


Minuet by Alexander Reinagle


This Minuet is no.10 from 24 Short and Easy Pieces, op.1.

What is a Minuet?


Allemande by Johann Schein


This Allemande is currently published in Essential Piano Repertoire, Level 1 (Neil A. Kjos).

Things to think about:

  • It uses 2-part writing, we might imagine it being performed by a violin & cello.

  • The melody uses mainly stepwise movement.

  • Binary form (AB) with each section being made up of 3 x 2-bar phrases.

  • G major with a move to the dominant (D major) at the end fo the first section.

  • Consider providing dynamic contrast by playing the start of the B section piano.

  • Consider playing the LH slightly detached.

What is an Allemande?


The Enchanted Garden by Kirsten Strecke


This piece has an ABA structure with the A section using D Dorian.


All 6 Exercises


Scales & Arpeggios



♩= 70, mf, legato, one octave, 

F major & D minor (hands separately)

G major & E minor (hands separately)

Chromatic scale in contrary motion starting on D (hands together)

C major contrary motion (hands together)

Broken Chords

♩. = 50, mf, legato, one octave, hands separately

F major & D minor

G major & E minor


All 9 Pieces


CHARLTON, K. - Walking (and Talking)

CROSLAND, B. - Hand in Hand

GRILL, J. - I'm Happy

GRUBER, U. - Jodler

KIRKBY-MASON, B. - Mango Walk

MOWER, M. - Just for Starters

REINAGLE, A. - Minuet

SCHEIN, J. - Allemande

STRECKE, K. - The Enchanted Garden