Trinity Grade 2


Persian Holiday by Sam Cleaver


What tonality?

Persian Holiday uses various palettes of notes to create a non-western exotic, middle-eastern sound. It is written without a key-signature, but F is the tonal centre - the tonic. Bars 1 & 2 use a minor scale with a #4, this looks a lot like the 4th mode of C harmonic minor (F, G, A-flat, B, C, D, E-flat, F). This was also used by Erik Satie in his 3rd Gnossienne. When there is a G-flat too, it sounds more Phygian (or Locrian?). The interval of a minor 3rd is a crucial element in creating this Arabic sound. We hear it between the 6th & 7th notes in a harmonic minor scale. We see this in bar 1 (A-flat to B) and bar 14 (D-flat to E). The only constants are F, A-flat and C which gives us an F minor feel. All the other notes of the scale are sometimes natural, sometimes flattened.



One might try noodling with this idea (see above), perhaps in C: chord of C minor in the LH and various melodic ideas in the RH exploring the black keys as well as the white.


Almost a Canon by Johann Fux arr. Haas


Almost a Canon is in The Keyboard Crocodile (Breitkopf & Härtel, 1988).

Can you see in which bar this piece stops being a strict canon?


The Rowboat by Felicitas Kukuck


The Rowboat (Schott, 1986).


Balletto by Georg Löhlein


Balletto is in The Keyboard Crocodile (Breitkopf & Härtel, 1988).


Shepherd's Melody by Rainer Mohrs


Shepherd's Melody is from Easy Concert Pieces, 50 easy pieces from 5 centuries (Schott, 2015).


Poor Mouse by Vera Mohrs


Poor Mouse is from Cat Songs, 12 little piano stories (available for download from Schott).


The Ballerina by Ray Moore


The Marionettes by Stanisław Prószyński - duet


The Marionettes (Polskie Wydawnictwo Muzyczne, 1975).


Rigaudon by Georg Telemann


All 6 Exercises


Scales & Arpeggios



♩= 80, f or p, legato, two octaves, hands together 

B♭ major & G minor

D major & B minor

Chromatic scale in similar motion starting on B♭

C major contrary motion


♩= 60, mf, legato, two octave, hands separately

B♭ major & G minor

D major & B minor


All 9 Pieces


CLEAVER, S. - Persian Holiday

FUX, J. - Almost a Canon

KUKUCK, F, - The Rowboat

LOHLEIN, G. - Balletto

MOHRS, R. - Shepherd's Melody

MOHRS, V. - Poor Mouse

MOORE, R. - The Ballerina

PROSZYNSKI, S. - The Marionettes

TELEMANN, G. P. - Rigaudon