Trinity Grade 3


Model T by J & A Bullard


Model T is from Pianoworks Popular Styles, published by OUP (2014)

Le petit rien by François Couperin arr. Snell


This abridged version of Le Petit Rien by F. Couperin is from Essential Piano Repertorire, Level 3, published by Neil A. Kjos (2006).

Couperin's keyboard music is published in 4 Books, each book subdivided into 6 Ordres. An ordre being a handful of pieces, each imaginatively titled, for example: Les Dominos, Le Rossignol en amour and Le Tic-Toc-Choc.

Le Petit Rien is the last of the 7 pieces that make up the 14th Ordre, so in Book 3.

The original piece is a rondeau: a refrain and 2 episodes (couplets). So A B A C A.

If you would like to look at the original score, it is here (p.254).


The Clown and the Ballerina by Ben Crosland


The Clown and the Ballerina is published by Editions Musicum Ferrum.


Badlands by Christine Donkin


Badlands are areas that are very dry, heavily eroded and barren. They exist all over the world including Alberta, Canada which Christine Donkin visited as a child. One unusual feature of the Alberta badlands are the hoodoos, huge, perhaps 6m high, sandstone pillars formed over millions of years.



It may be helpful to have an image of Badlands in our head whilst we play this piece. This might help us give character to our playing.

This piece is in ABA form and makes use of the Dorian mode.


Between the Fingers by Peter Graham


Between the Fingers is from Subversive Etudes for Piano, published by Bärenreiter (2015).


Sunrise on the Matterhorn by Catherine Rollin


Sunrise on the Matterhorn is from Museum Masterpieces, Book 2, published by Alfred.

All the piano pieces is the Museum Masterpieces series were inspired by great works of art. Sunrise on the Matterhorn is by the German-American 19th-century artist Albert Bierstadt. It is currently currated by the New York MET.


Sonata in G by Domenico Scarlatti


I haven't been able to find out which of Scarlatti's 550+ Sonatas this is. Do let me know if you do!


Tango-Prelude II by Manfred Schmitz


Tango-Prelude II is no.25 from Mini Tango I, published by Breitkopf & Härtel.


Rain by Mike Schönmehl


Rain is from Little Stories in Jazz, published by Schott Music.


Polonaise in G Minor by J. S. Bach


This Polonaise in G minor, BWV Anh. 119 is RCM (2015) Level 3.


It is one of several Polonaises from the Notenbüchlein für Anna Magdalena Bach (1725), notated it is thought, in Anna Magdalena's hand. Perhaps she wrote it?

A Polonaise is a dance, originally from Poland but popular in France during the 17th-century, hence the name. It is in triple time and has this underlying rhythmic feel:

polonaise rhythm.png

Dance of the Gypsies by Martha Mier


Dance of the Gypsies is from Signature Solos book 3 (Alfred).


I think this is one of those pieces that can work at a variety of speeds, it could certainly go a little faster than I play it here. Choose the speed that works for you.

Wilder Reiter by Robert Schumann


Wilder Reiter (Wild Horseman) is from Album for the Young, op.68.


All 6 Exercises



1a. Latin Dance

1b. Hand to Hand

2a. Prelude

2b. Simple Syncopations

3a. Staccato Bounce

3b. Invention!


Scales & Arpeggios



♩= 90, f or p, legato, two octaves, hands together 


  • E♭ major & C minor (harmonic or melodic)

  • A major & F♯ minor (harmonic or melodic)

  • Chromatic scale in similar motion starting on F♯

  • E♭ major contrary motion


♩= 70, mf, legato, two octave, hands separately


  • E♭ major & C minor

  • A major & F♯ minor


All 9 Pieces


BULLARD, J & A. - Model T

COUPERIN, L. - Le petit rien

CROSLAND, B. - The Clown and the Ballerina

DONKIN, C. - Badlands

GRAHAM, P. - Between the Fingers

ROLLIN, C. - Sunrise on the Matterhorn

SCARLATTI, D. - Sonata in G

SCHMITZ, M. - Tango-Prelude II