Trinity 2021 - 2023 - Grade 2

The 12 pieces in the exam booklet



Minuet in G - tutorial, click here

Allegro in C - tutorial, click here



Island in the Sun (duet) - secondo part, click here


Fun Fair Blues - backing track, click here

Orpheus in His Underpants

The Penguin Parade

Bendin' the Rules

'Nuff Said - tutorial, click here; backing track, click here

Floating Balloons


1 - Children at Play by Béla Bartók

Children at Play is no.1 from For Children, Vol 1 that Bartók revised in 1945, shortly before he died.

It's also in Suzuki Piano School, Vol.2, hence the thumbnail here. Children at Play is at 20:01 or simply click here to go directly to it in a new window.

6 Exercises, Scales & Arpeggios

1a - Smooth Operation

1b - A Crisp Winter Morning

2a - Striding Out

2b - Marching Orders

3a - Rumblestrips

3b - Feeding the Llamas

Scales & Arpeggios