Grade 6
Trinity 2021 - 2023


In all, there are 35 pieces to choose from and you can play your own composition too.  From Grade 6 on, these are divided into Group A and Group B and at least one piece must be selected from each group. There are 12 pieces in the 2021 - 2023 exam booklet and this page begins with those, displayed here in the same order.  As for the other 23 pieces, many remain from the previous  (2018 - 2020) syllabus.
The numbers refer to the numbering used in the syllabus.


A7 - Allemande


A9 - Impromptu

🎼 pdf, including the autograph score displayed here, you'll find on IMSLP.


A13 - Ivan Is Very Busy


From The Adventures of Ivan, a suite of 8 pieces telling a narrative of a young boy's life.

B7 - Galop final


B8 - Prayer of the Matador


B10 - Epilogue


B13 Lullaby for Oscar


B21 - Jazzin' Grace


Garry Wilkinson has kindly given permission to record this piece.

A3 - Prelude in D minor


A5 - Sonatina in E-flat


A6 - Coranto


A12 - Giga in A minor


B3 - Mazurka


B5 - The Gondolier's Song


B11 - Arabesque no.4

B15 - Weaving a Spell


B16 - Con afflizione


B18 - Progression I


B20 - In Dreams