Grade 7
Trinity 2021 - 2023


In all, there are 35 pieces to choose from and you can play your own composition too.  From Grade 6 on, these are divided into Group A and Group B and at least one piece must be selected from each group. There are 12 pieces in the 2021 - 2023 exam booklet and this page begins with those, displayed here in the same order.  As for the other 23 pieces, many remain from the previous  (2018 - 2020) syllabus.
The numbers refer to the numbering used in the syllabus.



B08 - Lento

B13 - Improvisation


B17 - Assez modéré


B02 - Soho


A05 - Allegro


A06 - Allegro


A11 - Minuet in D


A13 - Etude in A minor


B04 - Aftermath


B14 - Kinderstücke no.2


B16 - Sarah


B21 - Fiesta