Grade 5
Trinity 2021 - 2023


In all, there are 35 pieces to choose from and you can play your own composition too. There are 12 pieces in the 2021 - 2023 exam booklet and this page begins with those, displayed here in the same order. As for the other 23 pieces, many remain from the previous  (2018 - 2020) syllabus.
The numbers refer to the numbering used in the syllabus.



15 - Allegro


We ought not to confuse the Czech composer and keyboard virtuoso F. X. Dušek (1731 - 1799) with the Czech composer and keyboard virtuoso J. L Dussek (1760 - 1812) I did!


03 - Coranto

28 - Valse sentimentale


Schubert wrote many dances: waltzes, ländler and écossaise in particular. This valse sentimentale is from op.50 (D.779), a collection of 34, all of similar length.

The sheet music for op.50 is here.


10 - Berceuse


The tricky thing with this Lullaby (no.7 from Burgmüller's collection of 18 Characteristic Studies op.109) is to play the legato melody in the upper fingers of the RH whilst the arpeggio accompaniment is divided between the other fingers of the RH and the LH ...then there is the bass part too! And we've somehow to make sure it's all balanced correctly.

The sheet music for op.109 is here.

32 - Douce réverie


A lyrical piece from Tchaikovsky's Album for the Young, 24 easy pieces (a la Schumann), op.39 (1878).

It may be helpful to think of this piece being made up of three parts. A principal upper melody in the RH, a secondary melody in the bass and chordal accompaniment in the centre ground: and this shared between two hands.
As the title suggests it needs to evoke the atmosphere of a relaxed snooze. Soft dynamics and smooth legato lines. 


08 - Pantalon


Pantalon is no.3 from Young People's Carnival op.25.

Sheet music is here.


34 - Large Wave


Large Wave is from 'Piano Gallery' (Faber).


The piece is inspired by the woodblock print 'The Great Wave off the Coast of Kanagawa' by Katsushika Hokusai (1831) which can be viewed here.

YT video by Great Art Explained 

The tutorial on this piece explains some of the influences Japanese traditional music has on this piece.


17 - March of the Roman Legionaries


18 - Settle Down


Two performances of this jazz-inspired piano piece. A study in 'classic' jazz vocabulary and voicings. To help the swing along, I've added backing tracks and subscribers can access these here. Have fun!

Gordon Goodwin has kindly given permission to record this piece.


25 - Typhoon


A real whirl-wind of a piece this! Great fun.


16 - Walk in the Park


Backing tracks, both at an exam-ready and a practice tempo can really enhance the learning ....and fun of this piece. Subscribers can access these here.


01 - All is Calm


02 - There Sleeps Titania


05 - A Walk at Strumble Head


11 - Scherzando


13 - Blues for Beth

19 - Andante in A


21 - Andantino


26 - And Now Let's Handel


27 - Circus Theme